8 Week Certified Life Coach Training
April 30th - June 13th

- 8 Weekly Modules with Videos + Exercises
- 8 Weekly Group Coaching Calls, Wednesday's 4-6pm pst (all calls are recorded)
- Private Members Only Facebook Community
- Accountability Partners
- Website + Social Media Profile Review
- 4 Weeks of Coaching Sessions with Practice Clients

Teachings Includes:
1. Your Coaching Mindset
2. Finalizing Your Signature Platform
(Soul Client/Niche/Signature Program)
3. Creating of Your Offerings + Packages + Pricing
4. Client Attraction Marketing Strategies
5. Client Consult Calls + Sales Process Training
6. Lead Magnet Creation + List Building Strategies
7. Live Client Practice Sessions
8. Becoming a Professional Speaker
9. Writing Your Book


Learn from World-Class Mentors!

In the Soulful Coaching Academy you will be led by top-tier leaders and coaches. Each week you will receive exclusive expert training to help you create a soulful and successful coaching practice. 

- Looking for accountability?
- Looking for a step-by-step process?
- Ready to step into your power, use your voice and become a recognized leader?



6 years ago I was still at my 9-5, dying inside knowing I wasn't living my purpose! The problem was I didn't know what that purpose was or how to make the shift. Even though I didn't know the path, the great Spirit knew exactly where I was going! After a major life crisis, I was literally led through a spiritual awakening and began to "coach" others for free. I wanted to share so badly all of my life lessons and the shifts in perspective that changed my life for the better.

Soon, I realized that there was a career called "Professional Coaching." I became a Certified Coach, took a year to leave my job and have been training 1000's of other soulful entrepreneurs and coaches ever since! I am fully living my purpose and I want to share with you how this can all be possible for you too! With focus and dedication you could become a Certified Coach by the summer!


"Celia is a force of nature. She's a fierce advocate for you to become the most empowered version of yourself, and will give you all the resources you need to live your dreams. She's soulful, heart-centered and bursting with love. I feel honored to know her. She's truly a bright light in this world."

- Kari Samuels

"Celia is a joy to work with. She's more than a coach, she's like a coach plus an encourager, accountability partner, and Mama Bear who's got your back! She goes above and beyond to deliver quality programs, and you are sure to leave her programs with a wealth of information that you can use immediately. I highly recommend working with her. After working with Celia, not only was my business transformed, but my personal life was too! I admire her for her ambition and her love for empowering women. She's amazing!"

- Keisha Howard

"Celia is EXACTLY who you see online and in person. She’s authentic, down to earth, and knows her craft inside & outside. I was captivated, challenge, & supported for an entire year without fail. Her community of experts is like no other.  If you’re looking for a diverse group of intelligent, creative, magical, kick ass women, then please don’t think twice."

- Shandra Colon'

"Celia is the go-to coach for online coaching and business expertise. Not only is she knowledgeable about the industry, but she stands for something more. Celia is empowering women every day to live their best lives and create an inspirational and soul filled business that fuels their desires. Celia is an incredible thought leader and stands out from the sea of coaches and entrepreneurs by building a community of women who support and love each other."

- Jenn Scalia


The Soulful Coaching Academy is a fit IF...

  • You are a soulful and spiritual entrepreneur who wants to create an impactful coaching business. 
  • You currently practice as a coach but have not yet become certified.
  • You are highly motivated and are ready to take consistent and aligned action to achieve your goals.
  • You are the person everyone comes to for advice but you aren't getting paid for your wisdom.
  • You have a calling in your soul to serve the world in a larger way, leveraging your life experience and unique genius. 

What is Included?

-8 Weekly Modules with Videos and Exercises
- 8 Weekly Coaching Calls, Wednesdays 4-6pm PST (all calls are recorded)
- Private Member's Only Facebook Community
- Accountability Partners
- Website and Social Media Review
- 4 Weeks of Coaching Sessions with Practice Clients

What are the Dates?

- 8 Week Certified Life Coach Training
April 30th - June 13th
- Weekly Coaching Calls: Wednesday's 4-6pm pst


What is the Refund Policy?
Our goal is supporting you to realize your fullest potential. In order to be eligible for a refund you must attend all of the live coaching calls and complete all of the weekly assignments for the first 30 days of the program. The Soulful Coaching Academy is for highly motivated students who will take action. If you meet all of the refund requirements you will be eligible for a 50% refund. Please take your time to make this decision and make sure it is the right choice for you. If you think you may want a refund please do not move forward with enrolling until you are 100% sure this is the right program for you.